Retrofits for medium voltage circuit breakers

Modernize your switchgear with the latest breaker retrofit technology, minimize transformation and loss of production time, reduce investment costs by avoiding station cabling and civil works and minimized loss of production.

Contact ABB service representative in your country listed on this page to request a retrofit solution for your MV CB from ABB, its acquired legacy brands (ASEA, BBC Brown Boveri, Calor Emag, SACE, Stromberg, Gardy, EJF, ITE, ZWAR, LK NES, Reyrolle, Westinghouse) and most other non-ABB manufacturers.

The following basic details are necessary for providing standard retrofit solutions:
- Technical information and serial number from the data label.
- Pictures from all four sides.
- Compartment inner pictures.
- Existing panel schematic diagram.
- Generator data for the relevant feeders.

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