System pro M compact auxiliary elements and accessories

New System pro M compact range of auxiliary elements and accessories is universal: in fact it is suitable for MCBs S 200 and SN 201 range, for RCDs F 200 range and also for RCBOs DS 200 range and it is useful in terms of stock management. The auxiliary elements range (composed by auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trips, undervoltage releases and automatic reclosing units) is quite wide and there are different possible schemes for assemblage with devices. Thus MCBs and RCDs performances are improved, even because innovative and integrated solutions can be used in every installation.

Range of Accessories

Signal/auxiliary contacts

    • Function S2C-S/H6R: choice through a selector between indication of the position of the device’s contacts and signalling of the fault (overcurrent/short-circuit for MCBs and RCBOs; earth fault for RCCBs and RCBOs). Suitable for MCBs S 200 series, RCCBs F 200 series, RCBOs DS201, DS202C, DS 200 series.
    • Function S2C-H6R: indication of the position of the device’s contacts. Suitable for MCBs S200 series. To be mounted on the left side of the MCBs thanks to the special pin. They are not suitable to be mounted together with RCD-block DDA200.
    • Function S2C-H6-xxR: indication of the position of the MCB contact. Mounted on the right side. They are not suitabel to be mounted together with RCD-block DDA200 and/or other auxiliary contacts.
Shunt trips
    • Function: remote opening of the device when a voltage is applied. Suitable for MCBs S 200 series and RCBOs DS 200 series.
Undervoltage releases
    • Function: protection of the load in the event of a voltage drop (between 70% and 35% of its rated value); positive safety (device’s tripping when the voltage is disconnected) emergency stop by means of a button. Suitable for MCBs S 200 series, RCCBs F200 series and RCBOs DS201, DS202C, DS 200 series It can be used with MCBs SN201 series by means of SN201-IH interface module.
    Overvoltage releases
      • Function: monitoring voltage between the neutral and phase; when an overvoltage reaches the threshold value, the OVP device causes the tripping of the associated MCB or RCCB. Suitable for MCBs of the S200 series up to 63 A, and RCCBs of the F200 series up to 100 A and RCBOs DS201 and DS202C series.
    Hand operated neutral
      • The hand operated neutral has to be mounted to the left side of the MCB and be snaped on the DIN rail. It is used for measuring duties where the neutral conductor must be in the open position. Due to the special design of the handle - when switching ON the MCB – the neutral will make before the MCB is closed. The S2C - Nt is not to switch with a tool (screw driver).
      Motor operating devices
        • Function: S2C-CM, F2C-CM and DS2C-CM allow the remote control (opening or closing) of the coupled device. Suitable for S200 MCBs up to 63 A, F 200 RCCBs up to 100 A and RCBOs DS201and DS202C.

      Busbars PS.
      General Features of Busbars
      The range of busbar PS is suitable for System pro M compact MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs. The busbars allow an easy, quick and safe cross wiring.

      Installation of Busbars
        • quick and easy installation
        • reliable and clear identification of phases
        • fulfilling high requirements according to protection against electric shock

      Range of Busbars
        • 1/2/3/4-pole busbars
        • preassembled or suitable for cutting
        • cross section 10 mm², 16 mm², 30 mm²
        • rated current up to 160A, depending on cross-section and application
        • accessories: feeder terminals, end caps and shock protection caps
        • special types with UL approval


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