IRB 360

The second generation FlexPickerTM robot is even more productive

With increased speed, higher payload and a smaller footprint, the FlexPickerTM IRB360 is the “second generation” robot for pick and place applications. The IRB 360 comes in clean room versions and a stainless wash down version suitable for open food industries. The robot is IP 69K certified and designed to be cleaned according to industrial methods.

The IRB 360 robot is the result of 10 years’ experience and research and development combined with proven packaging technology. ABB has over 1800 delta robots installed globally and is the leader in this state of the art picking and packing technology.
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The new family of IRB 360 robots includes four models:
  • The “compact” version - picking range of 800mm
  • The “standard” version - similar performance, greater reach of 1130mm
  • The “high payload” version - similar reach, payload up to 3kg
  • The "long arm" version - with payload of 1 kg and reach of 1600mm
  • High speed flexibility
  • High capacity – up to 3kg payload
  • Hygienic design for wash down applications
  • Superior tracking performance
  • Integrated vision software

The ABB clean room robots are manufactured under special production procedures and thoroughly tested and packed to ensure a minimum of particle generation during service. The IRB 360 has been certified by IPA, the leading institute in clean room industry.


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