Services and support for medium-voltage switchgear

ABB can optimize the performance of MV air and gas insulated switchgear during their whole life time cycle. We support a wide range medium-voltage panels for primary and secondary distribution from ABB, its legacy brands (ASEA, BBC Brown Boveri, Calor Emag, SACE, Stromberg, Gardy, EJF, ITE, ZWAR, LK NES, Reyrolle, Westinghouse) and other manufacturers.


Safety formula by ABB
15 practical suggestions to prevent risks both for operators and switchgear against internal arc faults
Free online tool
AIS preliminary survey: evaluate the need for a deeper switchgear condition and risk assessment
Easily connect the new breaker to existing non-ABB panels using safe plug-in hard-bus retrofill design
UFES upgrade solutions
Equip ABB and non-ABB switchgear with the innovative Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch arc eliminating technology

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Supported MV switchgear from ABB and acquired brands

The following panel types match your selection

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