Moteurs Moyenne et Haute Tension

ABB propose une large gamme de moteurs moyenne et haute tension composé de moteurs fonte refroidis à l’air, moteurs modulaires avec plusieurs modes de refroidissement et moteurs à bagues également modulaire. Chaque moteurs est fabriqué sur mesure pour coller au mieux aux besoins de l’application.

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  • ABB launches 2-pole high voltage motor rated up to 13.5 MW

    2012-11-23: High power induction motor features robust construction, excellent reliability, reduced maintenance requirements and a long lifetime even when operated in harsh environments. It is ideal for driving pumps and compressors, especially in the chemical, oil & gas, water and wastewater sectors. With the new 2-pole motor the range extends from IEC frame size 400 to 800, therefore covering all general high voltage needs in today’s markets.

  • Holcim’s factory modernization results in large absorption reductions

    2012-05-14 - The Holcim Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement and aggregates, carried out a modernization project at its Merone plant in Como, Italy, with the help of ABB Motors and Drives. The project resulted in significant absorption reductions and lessened maintenance requirements.

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