Medium Voltage Product Life Cycle Management - Policy and Services

ABB’s products are designed for continuous evolution. It is ABB’s goal to protect our customers’ investment beyond the life-cycles of the underlying platform products.

Four stages define life-cycle policy for all ABB medium voltage products:
1. Active
2. Restricted
3. Legacy
4. Obsolete.

Product Life Cycle Stage
Available Services
  • Released for sale
  • In full manufacture by factory
  • Actively promoted in assigned markets
  • Available to all customers
  • Fully supported both technically and via after sales network
  • Periodically enhanced through R&D or product improvements
  • Long-term support thanks to "Customer Support Agreements"
  • Extended warranty application.
  • Worldwide Service competence, ready for prompt actuation.
  • Certified ABB spare parts ready in stock to guarantee their availability throughout the product life time (active, restricted and legacy stages).
  • Product is no longer promoted by the sales force (6 months after new product release)
  • Product will be phased out
  • 12 months prior to any "Manufacturing End" declaration, ABB will announce the phase-out
  • Product still available for sale - mainly for expansions of existing systems, supply under frame agreements, in the case of space constrains, required functionality not yet covered by the new product, license agreements
  • No further enhancements and developments
  • Production continues in factory or might already be outsourced
  • “Last Buy” opportunity of complete equipment.
  • Good chance to obtain spare parts as per active products conditions.
  • Best time to keep switchgear healthy via “Customer Support Agreements”.
  • Call for training with wide coverage thanks to worldwide footprint still available.
  • Product is withdrawn from sale and no longer promoted by the sales force
  • Retrofit and Service support continues through the responsible hub but may diminish over time with decreasing installed base
  • Price increase (e.g. due to lower volume, vendor component costs, etc.)
  • There are no further R&D or design activities on the product
  • Product is no longer manufactured by the factory
  • Complete new devices and spare parts still available on request.
  • Retrofit solutions can already be applied.
  • “Customer Support Agreements” designed to keep the service experience as per active products.
  • Product withdrawn from sales
  • Product that is no longer owned by ABB due to disinvestments
  • Product where manufacturing capability is no longer possible
  • No longer manufactured as a complete product; only component spares and retrofit solutions available
  • Spare parts could be still accessible on request.
  • Retrofit solutions are usually available. The use of active products allows a new life to be given to the plants.
  • Our consultancy services are always available for supporting your cost-effective and optimized investments. Special care is given to obtain a soft shift to new applications and solutions.

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