Agricultural chemicals

From fertilizers to crop protection

High agricultural yields are a question of the right chemistry and the right quality grade. Fertilizer and crop protection manufacturers need to ensure conformity of finished products with defined specifications to deliver the highest standard of quality to farmers and gardeners around the world.

As multiscope supplier, we are positioned to support and to help customize integrated solutions for the various fertilizer processes using customers' technologies, those of licensors or EPC contractors. We leverage our expertise to supply automation and electrical equipment for the manufacturing of plant nutrition and protection products like:

  • Nitrogen fertilizers: Urea, calcium ammonium nitrate, and more
  • Phosphate fertilizers
  • Potash fertilizers: Potassium, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and more
  • Multi-nutrient fertilizers: NPK/NP fertilizers, ammonium phosphates, and many more
  • Crop protection: Insecticides, fungicides and herbicides

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