Automotive supplier Faustinelli reduces its setup time by 50% with a service and product package from ABB Robotics

2015-06-15 - A growing relationship with Italian automotive supplier Faustinelli s.r.l. leads to a new service agreement and a robot package with Integrated Vision, providing key advantages such as more flexibility, faster setup time and easier handling.

Mild weather and well-drained soil makes the northern Italian region surrounding the city of Rovato perfect for cultivating grapes and winemaking. In this area companies ranging from small- to medium-sized are mostly involved in the food and beverage and engineering industries. With its workforce of 30 employees, Faustinelli fits the area well, specializing in precision machining of mechanical parts for water pumps and steering produced for the automotive industry.

The company’s relationship with ABB Robotics harkens back to 2010-2012 when two robotized cells were equipped with an IRB 1600 and an IRB 2600 for picking and placing of machining tools. Shortly thereafter, a Robot Care service agreement was signed with ABB Robotics. In 2014, pleased with the service of the Italian Service Team, Faustinelli ordered two reconditioned robots: an IRB 1400 and an IRB 1600 with Integrated Vision. Impressed with the resulting added flexibility and lower setup time, yet another reconditioned IRB 1600 with Integrated Vision was ordered at year’s end.

"Integrated Vision ensures full flexibility,” says Dr. Diego Scarsi, Managing Director, Faustinelli s.r.l. “Just one click, and the robot park can start again with a new part."

Faustinelli’s Chief Technologist Stefano Zani adds that the new feature has dramatically shortened system setup time. “Integrated Vision lets me create a new job 50% faster than before. Being integrated with RobotStudio, I no longer need to use two programs to setup a new robot operation. Thanks to ABB’s advanced algorithms, no special measures and/or corrections are needed when creating the job. Everything is designed to be quick, easy and efficient, which translates into increased quality and productivity.”

From humble beginnings with just one Robot Care service agreement to a full-fledged product and service package, ABB Robotics’ relationship with Faustinelli highlights how service is truly scalable—and hints at a strong relationship into the future.

About Faustinelli s.r.l.
Founded in 1971, with headquarters in Rovato, Italy, the company produces mechanical parts in aluminum and cast iron for water pumps and steering to mainly the automotive industry, which constitutes 90% of the company’s turnover.

Summary of service agreement benefits

  • Peace of mind with ABB keeping the robots running
  • High productivity
  • Fewer unplanned stops
  • Longer life due to world-class maintenance
  • Fixed costs

Summary of Integrated Vision benefits:
  • Increased flexibility
  • Shortened setup time
  • Ease of use while integrated with RobotStudio

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