SDM600: We see the unseen from a new perspective


We are pleased to announce a new software release, SDM600. SDM600 compliments perfectly the established software and tools portfolio of substation automation products by offering a comprehensive solution for automatic management of service and cyber security relevant data across the substations.

Modern utilities run a pair of vital networks - one delivering services to customers, the other monitoring and managing the first one. SDM600 monitors that second network; tracking protection relay software versions, collating disturbance reports, and helping to secure the network against attack.

Key Features

Data management
Automatically collect, store and provide evaluation for disturbance recorder files.

Cyber security management
Provide centralized user account management and security logging for modern networks.

Maintenance and service
Documentation of Firmware and configuration revisions of the supervised IEC 61850 relays.

Your benefits
Vendor independent
- Based on international standards (IEC 61850, IEC 62351)
- Every compliant device is supported

Efficiency improvement in disturbance recorder management
- Automatic DR file collection, representation, and evaluation

Monitoring relay configuration changes
- Tracking and visualization of relay configuration and hardware information parameters

Efficient monitoring of user activity and cyber security events
- System wide security event logging

Optimized user management
- Coherent users in the SA system
- System wide role based user account management

Automatic and intuitive graphical event correlation
- Unique visualization of events in the dashboard

Minimal configuration effort
- Re-use of already engineered data by IEC 61850 configuration file import

Minimal configuration effort
- Flexible and remotely accessible system architecture
- Hierarchical SDM600 using lean, web based technology

Scalable product
- Functionality controlled only with the license key

More information
The factsheet and manuals provide more information about this release.

All license orders for MicroSCADA Pro are done via the On-line MicroSCADA Pro Sales Configurator:

The Release Note documentation is located in this page under 'Release Note' and the software for the MicroSCADA Pro at MicroSCADA Pro portal.

Best regards,

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