New robot upgrades and a service contract bring improved uptime and flexibility for glassware producer Bormioli Luigi

2015-05-20 - The Italian ABB Robotics service team recently completed the last upgrade of new robot IRC5 controllers for Bormioli Luigi, unlocking features such as increased setup speed and Integrated Vision, which means better uptime and flexibility.

In Italy, some 20 km from the busy streets of Milan, the town of Abbiategrasso, Italy, is a part of the “Cittaslow” movement for a slower and more enjoyable life. Cornerstones of the lifestyle are fewer cars, quieter streets, and more time for conversing—not to mention high quality food and drink. In a fitting tribute to that lifestyle, the township is also home to one of Bormioli Luigi’s two plants for manufacturing elegantly designed glassware. The Abbiategrasso plant focuses on the production of small bottles for perfume, and the second facility is located in Parma, Italy.

Bormioli Luigi has a full warranty Robot Care service agreement with ABB Robotics covering both plants, including corrective and preventive maintenance. At the factory in Abbiategrasso, three IRB 340 robots are involved in picking and placing to help secure a high output rate. In September 2014 the Italian ABB Robotics service team completed the installation of three new IRC5 robot controllers for the IRB 340 fleet, while some of the robots were still operating with the older S4C+ controllers.

ABB performed the upgrade in two steps during production stops when oven maintenance was made, to avoid unnecessary production stoppage. Before installation, analyses were performed in ABB’s lab to simulate various formats of bottles and boxes.

“The new IRC5 controllers will give Bormioli Luigi an improved system setup and reconfiguration speed, which is crucial since bottle format is frequently changed in production. With the new powerful industrial computer integrated in the controller, they can now take advantage of the new HD camera equipped Integrated Vision, included in ABB’s PickMaster software, to manage more bottle formats than ever before,” says Juri Caccia, Sales Engineer, ABB Robotics, Italy.

“Thanks to ABB PickMaster we are now also able to manage new types of packaging that the previous system did not allow. We are very satisfied with the new service contract with ABB Robotics, resulting in a partnership that actively involves the supplier to reduce our downtime,” says Andrea Varacca, Responsible for Engineering and Automation at Bormioli Luigi.

This successful robot controller upgrade brings many advantages to Bormioli Luigi, and is a large part of why they have shown they will continue to put their trust in ABB Robotics for years to come.

About Bormioli Luigi
Founded in 1946 the company produces elegant lead-free glassware, glass bottles for the perfume industry and blown crystal glass tableware, while using traditional Italian craftsmanship and new-age glassmaking technology to create glassware of the highest quality.

Summary of service agreement benefits
− Peace of mind with ABB keeping the robots running
− High productivity
− Fewer unplanned stops
− Longer life due to world-class maintenance
− Fixed costs

Summary of controller upgrade benefits
− Faster system
− Reduced risk of failure
− Easier maintenance and repair
− Standardization with other factory systems
− Fewer spare parts needed
− Integrated Vision compatibility

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