ABB launches UniCare for improving availability of switchgear

2017-01-10 - Spare parts are an integral part of the equipment that is designed to last for some decades in service. ABB has introduced a new packaged service kit for an optimized spare parts handling of switchgears. The most common spare parts and tools offer a convenient solution for installing and maintaining switchgear in any on-site location.

KOGAS selects cost-efficient upgrade service to extend product lifetime and gain access to the latest communication technology

2016-10-07 - ABB delivers a solution built on the upgrade and modification of existing protection relays to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient upgrade to the latest IEC 61850-based communication solution.

ABB’s lifecycle services for medium-voltage switchgear and protection relays

2016-08-18 - A new video for the life cycle services for medium-voltage switchgear and protection relays is now available.

Fast and easy replacement of aging installed base with ABB’s upgrading service for protection relays

2016-07-07 - ABB’s Maintenance Exchange Unit service has been extended to include the REX 521 relay. The upgrading service is an excellent way to replace an aging installed base and enjoy the benefit of the latest software developments at the same time. The result is safe relay operation as well as maximized process efficiency and reliability.

Upgrading service for protection relays extended to include REF 542plus

2015-06-29 - Fast and easy replacement of older protection relay versions

Altia’s Rajamäki plant continues to rely on ABB protection relays

2015-05-13 - ABB was recently able to add yet another relay type to its Relay Hall of Fame: two SCAU-type relays. These relays have gone above and beyond the line of duty - performing perfectly for 40 years. The customer, Altia Oyj, has since replaced these resilient devices with other ABB relays.

New training opportunity with the Relay Retrofit Program

2015-01-09 - [No lead text]

ABB in North America standardizes ANSI circuit breaker retrofit with OneFit™

2014-06-18 - OneFit™ is ABB’s new hard bus retrofill concept designed to easily connect new standard circuit breakers to a wide range of existing panels for greater safety, reliability.

Why OneFit Retrofill is more than a replacement CB for your old switchgear

2013-11-25 - The latest hard-bus retrofill design from ABB can fit both your short-term and long-term asset management strategy. Standardize your plant and modernize obsolete panels - from most manufacturers - using ABB MV breakers, that can be included in the maintenance budget (Opex - Operating Expenditure). Reuse the same breakers without any modification during the next substation renewal when you are ready for full switchgear replacement (Capex - CAPital EXpenditure). Here is a guide to the flexible OneFit retrofill packages and additional options to optimize your investment.

Remote racking of circuit breaker / contactor for operator safety

2013-09-04 - The process of racking a circuit breaker into and out of the connected position is one of the most frequent exercises that expose an operator to risk. Increased focus on operator safety has caused owners to question the adequacy of prior switchgear designs that require the cell door to be open in order to connect or disconnect the primary circuit and the secondary control circuit. Supervised, closed door circuit breaker racking is a fundamental recognized safety practice.

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